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5 things I wish I had known before I started blogging




One. ‘Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers’ there is tough competition out there, don’t get my wrong, I knew there were many successful bloggers out there who’s photos were well beyond that which I could dream mine to look like especially when I keep finding myself overwhelmed with so many amazing bloggers that haven’t even been blogging for that long. The competition is really steep in the blogging world and its hard to keep being the best you can be but I think its really important that you just have to keep to your true sense of style.
Two. ‘Organisation’ A good blog requires lots of time management and organisation are two things that aren’t massively my strong point, although sticking to a schedule that you set yourself and creating targets to hit is all good and well.

Three. ‘Time consuming’ blogging can take a lot of dedication and self motivation. One of the best things about my blog is that it’s mine and nobody is on my back about it but sometimes you can be your own worst enemy and the harshest critic can be yourself. There’s lots of editing involved and organising when your going to write up your posts. I just thought blogging was about taking pretty pictures of outfits, but there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Its also harder when your juggling a degree or a job, or both!

Four. ‘Be a little different’ what I have learnt over this last year is that being different and standing out from the crowd is a good thing. But also to be true to your own style as that is what it’s all about, with a little experimenting of course!

Five. ‘Don’t take it too seriously’ this is probably the most important points of all at the end of the day, my blog is a hobby so when I get to the point where I am not having fun with it then I need to put things into perspective. My blog is all about trying out new things and seeing the end result of something that I have produced and it shouldn’t be about comparing other amazing blogs to my little page.

This is definitely not a negative post about being a blogger, but I wish I had read some of the actual realities before I started mine as it gives you a little heads up of what to expect. Hope you guys find this helpful and if there are any bloggers who like me, have been blogging around the same time please comment with any other pointers that were a struggle for you to overcome in your first year?